Just in Case

Just in Case

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Just in case disaster strikes, you need a plan to ensure your family's safety and comfort in all eventualities. What would you do if the power went out for several days in a row? Or if your family had to quickly evacuate the area? Kathy Harrison shows you how to set up a simple home system--covering food storage, alternative heating sources, toiletries and clothing, pet supplies, emergency communication plans, and more--that will allow your household to survive comfortably for several days, or longer, with no outside services at all. Harrison also explains how to create a detailed evacuation plan--where to go, how to meet up with other family members, what to pack, and how to protect what you leave behind. Keep a cool head and plan well; your family will be able to settle in together, stay warm, and eat well when the unexpected happens.Solar cooking has come a very long way from my Girl Scout days, when I made my first solar cookstove. ... Its interior temperature usually reaches about 200AdF, though some commercially manufactured cookers can get hotter. While a solaranbsp;...

Title:Just in Case
Author:Kathy Harrison
Publisher:Storey Publishing - 2008-07-23


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