Just in Time

Just in Time

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The first edition of Just in Time provided a philosophy which could revolutionize industry. The concept - making nothing until it is needed and then producing it to the highest level of quality - sounds simple enough, but can cut a company's costs by up to 60 per cent of sales revenue. At the time of this book's original publication, there were many misconceptions as to both the content and purpose of the concept. Unfortunately, some of these misconceptions can still be seen today. Building on the strengths of the first edition, this book was written with a desire to bring the realization of the potential benefits of JIT to a wider audience. It has been influenced by the growing use of the European Excellence Model as a reference for self-evaluation of business performance and consequently includes a new chapter devoted to this area. A further development has been the growing awareness of the value of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and its relevance to JIT. Again, additional material is now included to reflect this change.One or more workers from other workstations pick up toolkits, hurry to the point where the difficulty has occurred, and ... These problems subsequently become the focus of improvement projects involving either managers or workers or ... In the calendar year 1986, from a labour force of 60000 Toyota received 2.6 million( !) ... In the normal way one would expect to find huge stillages of door panels, bumpers, seats, tyres, windscreens, engines, gearboxes, transmission systems, and so on.

Title:Just in Time
Author:David Hutchins
Publisher:Gower Publishing, Ltd. - 1999


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