Just One SIMAIR Story

Just One SIMAIR Story

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Rich Schaffer served the Lord for 20 years as a missionary pilot with the Sudan Interior Mission in Nigeria, West Africa. Harold Fuller wrote .. Great stuff, Rich. You have a very interesting writing style .. reconstructing conversation, describing vividly, building suspense. Wea€™re enjoying the chapters as you send them. I knew you were an accomplished pilot, but had no idea of your writing skills. Glad you are now using them!a€ Flying with Rich at the controls was always okay. Although my heart at times pounded as the tiny Cessna faced a threatening tropical storm. I knew this matter-of fact guy of few words had the courage and professional experience to find a hole through or around the thunderheads and bring us out safely on the other side. And Rich always acknowledged that the Lord had given him the qualities that made him a top-rate pilot for Africaa€™s uncertain weather and questionable landing strips.a€ a€œ In this story about SIMAIR, Rich takes the reader through many an adventure that showed Goda€™s hand to be on the Mission aircraft and its occupants. With vivid description and homey dialogue , Rich weaves an honest account how God took a little boy from a tarpaper shack in Americaa€™s Midwest and made him part of a team who brought the Gospel to the neglected interior of West Africa .. fullfilling his boyhood dream of flying. Down to earth humor, growing pains, high adventure, finding God in dry season and rainy-season tempest .. Rich holds the readera€™s attention from pagecone to the storya€™s end.a€ W. Harold Fuller, Lit.D (SIM Nigeria Director for several years of the Shaffera€™s ministry)... near the bottom of the canyon was a tall cedar tree that grew outward, before growing upward, and thus it hung out over the trickling stream. ... I helped Pearl to nail the shakes on the walls. then we painted the house white with black trim.

Title:Just One SIMAIR Story
Author:Rich Schaffer
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-10-24


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