Just Six Guests

Just Six Guests

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MANY YEARS HAVE PASSED SINCE WE WELCOMED THE FIRST STRANGERS INTO OUR HOME. I now feel qualified to comment on our experience and include information that we would have found helpful when we took what seemed at the time quite a brave step. My husband spent all his working life in the hospitality industry and we first met whilst studying hotel and catering management at the same college back in the late 50s. Now, nominally retired, we have gone full circle - back to serving meals and making beds - and enjoying it more than ever! The difference between then and now is that we fill our empty bedrooms with guests as a pleasure, rather than solely through financial necessity. Tolerance, flexibility and a sense of humour have been needed on occasions, but our guests have been absolutely great and since starting our business our faith in humanity has soaredAq. Read Helen's book for guidance on: - DOING YOUR INITIAL RESEARCH - COMPLYING WITH THE LAW - PREPARING THE ROOMS - LOOKING AFTER YOUR GUESTS - MARKETING YOUR BaB - PRICING AND BOOK KEEPING.This can be obtainedfreebytelephoning 0845 606 0667 (or emailing ... Wheelchair users represent only a small proportion ofthe number so theissue is not necessarily oneof expensive refits, though there ... any barriers that may prevent them enjoyingthe accommodation orservices on offer as much as an ablebodied person.

Title:Just Six Guests
Author:Helen Jackman
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-06-01


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