Kanzul Islam

Kanzul Islam

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I wanted to write this book in response to the types of questions i had encountered during the course of my 17 year career as a religious teacher, to young children and adults in the United Kingdom. I was faced with many questions; this meant that i had to refer to various books and other sources of research to get the best answers as possible. i could not find any comprehensive text dealing with questions that were asked of me. It occurred to me that i should compile a book comprehensive enough to address central questions and issues associated with practices of our Deen as well as special Du'as which we should try to read in every day life. I have dealt with the importance of Durood Shareef and Du'as that should be recited. This book is aimed at the English speaking youth to make it more accessible so that the maximum amount of benefit can be reaped from it. I hope that this ensures what children learn will remain with them so that they do not forget the lessons this book teaches. I take responsibility for what ever is written in this book and any mistakes are my own and may Allah forgive me of there are any. I pray that people get benefit from this book and pass on any knowledge they get for the pleasure of Allah.INTENTION WHEN BEGINNING A FASTING WA BIa#39;SOWMI GHADIN NA-WAITU MIN SHAHRI RAMADHAAN. | make intention of tomorrowa#39;s fasting from the month of Ramadhan. WHEN END THE FASTING ALLAAHUMMA INNEE LAKAanbsp;...

Title:Kanzul Islam
Author:Qari Mohammad Amin Chishti Saeedi
Publisher:Hamza Mir - 2012-01-02


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