Karma Deception and a Pair of Red Ferraris

Karma Deception and a Pair of Red Ferraris

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As a teen mom, already ass-branded by one husband both domineering and dumb as meat locker beef, Elaine stutter-stepped to independence via jobs typing letters and dialing phones for a series of mouth-breathers who believed a womana€™s place was under the desk spit-shining their assets. A couple of decades later she had, by god, scratched out a role in the corporate testicle festival where she earned fat, man-sized paychecks. Bought herself some respect and vindication. But her personal life was a dispiriting trail of relationship roadkill. Her one faithful love walked on four legs and woofed for her breakfast. Desperate for a peek at her future Elaine consulted an astrologer-psychic who fanned out her Tarot cards, did her California woo-woo thing and assured Elaine she would someday be blessed with the kind of love about which stories are written. But with this caveat: a€œNot until youa€™re ready.a€ Enter Jake Kingston. Internationally acclaimed surgeon with a 100-acre ranch in the wine country, two Ferraris in his several garages, and enough love-life failures to make them as compatible as a Brazilian wax and a can of whip cream. Was Jake the key to the love she sought? Yes. But in a way no one could have imagined. KARMA, DECEPTION, and a Pair of RED FERRARIS: A Memoir is a transformational journey of healing and self-acceptance. With her sassy, Lone Star attitude and a combination of raw, honest insight and self-deprecating humor, Elaine Taylor will have you laughing out loud as often as she breaks your heart. Her ultimate discoverya€”that we cannot find love until we believe ourselves worthy of ita€”offers a roadmap for those of us who struggle to find romantic love.Next is the prefab pink-tinted popcorn ball wea#39;re supposed to decorate with glue and glitter to make a tree ornament. Alexander attaches the red satin ribbonhanger and says, a€œIa#39;m going to leave mine plain so I can hang it outside for the birds.

Title:Karma Deception and a Pair of Red Ferraris
Author:Elaine Taylor
Publisher:Greenleaf Book Group - 2015-05-05


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