Keeping Your Heart in Rhythm

Keeping Your Heart in Rhythm

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Do you suffer from heart palpitations and arrhythmias (and you think you are otherwise healthy), or do you want to prevent clogged arteries and other heart disease? Perhaps you are one of millions who are saddled with over-prescribed cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood thinning medications. Either way, Keeping Your Heart in Rhythm uncovers many unknown facts about heart ailments and heartbeat irregularities and provides safe, natural, and inexpensive ways for you to control all the above issues. Author Stuart B. Kalb, a healthcare, estate planning, elder law and former trial attorney for over thirty years, dissects complicated medical terminology and, in turn, offers concise and easily comprehendible ways you can: Conquer heartbeat irregularities Eliminate high cholesterol Lower blood pressure De-plaque your arteries Alleviate and avert potentially fatal blood clots Reduce the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease You will learn how you can experience higher energy levels and less stress over your physical well-being without expensive and harsh drugs, invasive procedures, and surgery. You will never again suffer horrific side effects from medicine, but you will instead experience the beneficial side effects that come from following a path of natural healing. Keeping Your Heart in Rhythm is a must-read for all concerned about the quality of their heart health and their lives in general.... prepared fish sticks, stick margarine, cake, candy, cookies and microwave popcorn can be expected to get heart disease earlier than kids ... While a person may not get heart disease until they are in their 40s, research at the University of Maryland has shown that kids as ... fats are fast foods (like fried chicken, biscuits, fried fish sandwiches, French fries, fried apple or other pie desserts), donuts, muffins, anbsp;...

Title:Keeping Your Heart in Rhythm
Author:Stuart B. Kalb
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-11


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