Keller's Outdoor Survival Guide

Keller's Outdoor Survival Guide

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A survival guide that's also a good read! Even if you never take along the survival tools recommended in this book, reading these powerful accounts of actual, life-or-death situations will teach you, above all, the importance of thinking clearly and accurately assessing your priorities. That alone could save your life. Go the next step and equip yourself according to the author's advice, and you can consider yourself well-prepared. Emergency Medical Technician William Keller draws from over 20 years of experience working Search and Rescue in the Rocky Mountains, as well as his own encounters with survival situations. He addresses finding water, using a map and compass, fire-starting, shelter, first aid, survival in a car and more, explained clearly and simply. Real-life stories make it fascinating reading, and reinforce the author's message that anything can happen to anyone at any time, and the prepared mind is as important as the prepared pack.PRESSURE POINTS Applying pressure to an artery between the heart and the wound will decrease the amount of blood flow from the wound, but this method is not always effective. You must apply pressure on the pressure point for at least 7 anbsp;...

Title:Keller's Outdoor Survival Guide
Author:William Keller
Publisher:Willow Creek Press - 2001


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