Kent Beck's Guide to Better Smalltalk

Kent Beck's Guide to Better Smalltalk

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Over the last ten years Kent Beck has written dozens of technical papers for the Smalltalk community, earning himself a reputation as both a gifted writer and thinker. Kent Beck's Guide to Better Smalltalk, is a collection of his best work from Object Magazine, The Smalltalk Report, Dr. Dobbs Journal, and more. Each article has a new introduction that takes a retrospective view of the writing. Topics include: idioms and environments; methods and metamodels; architecture and pattern languages, objects, classes, inheritance, and all things Smalltalk! Nowhere else can one obtain such a complete collection of Beck's writing. While demonstrating the elegance of Smalltalk and how some of its most powerful features can be exploited profitably, this collection also illuminates breakthrough concepts in object-oriented development. This book is for Smalltalk programmers and anyone working in object-oriented software development.In order to have full control ver your programa#39;s expression you must control the computer that runs it. Therefore, write your program for a computer with ... Does anybody remember that old film, The Forbin Project, where the U.S. defense computer gets to talking to the Soviet defense computer and they get the idea that they can run the world better than us? Well, thata#39;s not the problem. I first wrote the aquot;dona#39;tanbsp;...

Title:Kent Beck's Guide to Better Smalltalk
Author:Kent Beck
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1999


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