Key Philosophers in Conversation

Key Philosophers in Conversation

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Key Philosophers in Conversation is a fascinating collection of interviews presenting the ideas of some of the worlds leading contemporary philosophers. Each interview features a discussion with a key philosopher looking at philosophical issues such as; the philosophy of mind, ethics, science, political philosophy and the history of philosophy. Those interviewed are; W.V.O Quine, Michael Dummet, Mary Warnock, Hilary Putnam, Alasdair MacIntyre, Daniel Dennett, Martha Nussbaum, Roger Scruton, Bernard Williams, Jean Hampton, Richard Dawkins, Derek Parfit, Peter Strawson, David Gauthier, Hugh Mellor, John Cottingham, Adam Morton, Stefan Korner, Richard Sorabji and Nancy Cartwright. This book offers an excellent insight to contemporary philosophy and is ideal for anyone seeking an introduction to what is happening in Philosophy today.Cogito: Would you go as far as saying that remorse in principle could be meaningfully attributed to computers too, provided their ... That some software designers call their work a#39;artificial intelligencea#39; does not, in my view, mean very much.

Title:Key Philosophers in Conversation
Author:Andrew Pyle
Publisher:Routledge - 2002-09-11


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