Khaki Fever

Khaki Fever

4.11 - 1251 ratings - Source

In this African travel novel filled with adventure, satire, romance, deceit and action; Eddie is leading an overland trip across Southern- and East Africa and looking forward to meeting up with his girlfriend along the way in Zanzibar. She's busy making some deal that he'll be involved in and which will earn them enough money to quit their jobs and go traveling together. The details remain sketchy until just before they visit the Serengeti and tension between them builds up from there on. It all reaches a surprising climax when they get to Nairobi.He started the habit of discarding the green ones after Carmen told him that where she came from they say these are supposed to make you horny. ... he barely had time to get his group booked into their accommodation before she dragged him off to The Passion Pit. ... between them At his age it was quite frustrating to have to wait for moments like those with weeks alone in-between. ... He would much rather just turn the music up in the cab and be left to his thoughts while driving.

Title:Khaki Fever
Author:Chris Smal
Publisher:Booktango - 2013-06-12


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