Kill the Blackbird

Kill the Blackbird

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In the midst of listening to Elvis Presley's rock and roll and the soulful tunes of Ray Charles, Americans in 1962 must deal with the grim possibility of nuclear war. Fear hovers across the land, especially when President John F. Kennedy advises the nation to build bomb shelters and stockpile food. Known only to a few is the highly experimental American surveillance aircraft, the Blackbird. In order to protect the country, despite the uncertainty of the Blackbird's capabilities and the dangerous location of its destination, the American Security Council commits U.S. spy pilot Paul Hammond to fly the Blackbird and crack Russia's Iron Curtain. But the Soviets have a secret defense, one they're willing to use even if it means a nuclear clash with the Unites States. It's up to Hammond to penetrate their defenses and save the world from nuclear holocaust. Caught in between is Rachel Cummins a Washington insider who is actually Oksana Pavlodar-a Russian spy.Much rather try to land on a postage stamp in the middle of the ocean than do any more of this stuff. I feel better with ... I dona#39;t think they trust me to fly spy planes any more. Why dona#39;t ... Is anyone else you know getting out of the U2 business?

Title:Kill the Blackbird
Author:Raymond J. Radner
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-10


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