King Arthur and the Gods of the Round Table

King Arthur and the Gods of the Round Table

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Did King Arthur really exist? The oldest manuscripts refer to him as a qLord of Battleq who emerged soon after the Roman Empire crumbled. But what would be the origin of all these stories that turned a war leader into a king, an emperor, a legend... even a god? What if Arthur was really a deity similar to Zeus and Odin, with his roots in the rich Celtic mythology of the British Isles? A study of Arthurian myths reveals Britain's most legendary king as an ancient Sun God, known by many different names in the myths of Wales and Ireland. Even his Knights of the Round Table, and his sister Morgan le Fay can all be identified as ancient Gods and Goddesses of earth, sea and sky. Their survival in Arthurian legend stands as a shining testament of a story far more ancient, but by no means lost to us...... to draw international attention and create a new train of pilgrims, bringing in the much needed money for the abbeya#39;s reconstruction. It was a clever a#39;medieval hoaxa#39;, which ... ARTURIUS IN INSULA AVALONIAa#39;. Translation provided by Mary Jones: alt;; 1 Nennius took Saint Germanusa#39; a#39; Alleluiaa#39; battle directly from Bedea#39;s 20 King Arthur and the Gods of the Round Table.

Title:King Arthur and the Gods of the Round Table
Author:David Dom - 2013-04-01


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