King Of Camberwell

King Of Camberwell

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Sammy was the sharp one of the Adams family.Since he was nine-years-old - when he'd charged his mother interest on a loan to make up the rent money - he'd been busy setting up deals and expanding the family business - a china stall in East Street market. But as his mighty empire grew - two shops and a factory in Shoreditch - so did the determination of his assistant, Susie Brown. Susie adored Sammy - although she thought he needed a bit of work done on him, a few rough spots knocked off - and she had decided, quite early on, that Sammy was going to marry her.But Sammy, rapidly becoming the King of Camberwell, and dreading that marriage was going to cost him money, decided to put up a fight.It was a battle he hadn't a hope of winning - especially when all the rest of the Adams family were on Susie's side. Here again are all the magnificent characters from Down Lambeth Way and Our Emily - Chinese Lady, keeping her family in order and contemplating matrimony for the second time.Emily and Boots, facing a serious rift in their marriage - a rift not helped by the hovering Polly Sims.Tommy, daring to woo Cousin Vi when he 'wasn't quite good enough for her', and Sammy, pulling his wonderful Walworth family into the good times at last.a#39;Yes, darling, I know, but youa#39;d get me as a lovely compensation, and we could have some kids of our own. You like kids, I know you do. So do I. Ia#39;d ... As you know, Ia#39;ve been teaching her French out of school, and youa#39;ve helped in that too. And Mr ... He did not say it was a boarding school, but he did say it was in Sussex .

Title:King Of Camberwell
Author:Mary Jane Staples
Publisher:Random House - 2011-10-31


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