Kingdom Hearts Fanon - Bosses

Kingdom Hearts Fanon - Bosses

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This book consists of articles from Wikia. Pages: 42. Chapters: Kingdom Hearts: Awakening Bosses, Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of Eternity Bosses, Secret Bosses, Aero The Hedgehog, Alex Mercer, Auto, Blaid Dark, Bruce, Charles Muntz, Chick Hicks, Cleo's Remnant, Cleo, Cleo, Cole MacGrath, Crysallise, Crystal, Death Sentiment, Forte, Fuesona, Hopper, Hopper, Insatiable Scholar, Iracebeth of Crims, Kastor and Pallux, Lotso, Mira, Mirror Chekov, Mirror Kirk, Mirror Mccoy, Mirror Scotty, Mirror Spock, Mirror Uhura, Muntz, Red Ogre, Syndrome, The Jabberwocky, Trikina, Uncinia, Vanitas, Vayne, Virus Lelae, Virus Rirohs, Warp The Hedgehog, Wicked Witch, Wolf, Axen Remnant, Golbez, Groundshaker, Mallorie Cobb, Neo Bahamut, Sorceror Nobody, Vyers, Cleo's Remnant, Cleo, Ilosovic Stayne, Insatiable Scholar, Memoir of Xion, Wicked Witch, Aizen Sentiment, Aqua Sentiment, Blaid Dark, Crysallise, Ichigo Sentiment, Muramasa Sentiment, Neo Bahamut, Riku Sentiment, Roxas Sentiment, Sora Sentiment, Sorceror Nobody, The Unknown, Vayne, Ventus Sentiment, Wind Sentiment. Excerpt: Aero the Hedgehog is fought as a boss in Heroes From An Old World. Currently his only actual boss fight has been against Warp, although the two were accidentally pitted against each other. Aero will be calm and speedy in this fight, so keep locked-onto him at all times. Aero's ground attack consists of curling into a ball and charging at you, knocking you into the air; this occasionally gives you the Air-Tossed status. Aero's aerial combo will consist of him running at you, curling into a ball, jumping into the air, and doing an unavoidable Homing Attack on you. This can be blocked with good timing, however, and it is impossible for him to use his Homing Attack on you when in the middle of an attack (be it succeeded or failed) with the energy sword. However, you can force a Reaction Command by Homing Attack him while he does his aerial combo, which leads to the qAerial Furyq Reaction Command. Pressing the triangl...This book consists of articles from Wikia.

Title:Kingdom Hearts Fanon - Bosses
Author:Source Wikia
Publisher:Books LLC, Wiki Series - 2011-11-04


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