Kings Of Stings

Kings Of Stings

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Do you want to...Help distribute money to the poor and be given a fee to do so? Share in Al Qaeda's hidden gold? Help a young girl orphaned in the tsunami? In their highly entertaining and often shocking new book James Morton and Susanna Lobez follow up their bestselling Gangland Australia by delving into the world of Australian con artists such as Mario Condello, Helen Demidenko, Christopher Skase, Brenton Jarrett, Peter Foster, Lola Montez and Fairlie Arrow. Here are highly talented men and women and their tricks: changing paper into banknotes, selling other people's property, faking deaths, and forging paintings; promising miracle cures and impersonating aristocracy, preachers, military gents, lawyers and doctors. In fact, whatever it takes to separate the unwary from their money. Read about the scams and think twice about that offer that seems almost too good to be true.A gift to her when they began living together in July 2001 was a red Ford Fiesta, in fact hired from a Moorabbin car-rental agency. ... with his own stroke clinic, and he claimed he could help his new mother-in-law with her immigration problems.

Title:Kings Of Stings
Author:Morton And Lobez, James Morton, Susanna Lobez
Publisher:Victory Books - 2011-03-01


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