Kissing Shadows

Kissing Shadows

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Do we ever really know or understand the motives of the ones we love? When Vivvie Caird is faced by the sight of her beautiful, strong-willed mother lying limp and speechless in a hospital bed, she feels empowered to begin unlocking the mystery that is her fatherii½s legacy. Vivvieii½s naii½ve undertaking soon finds a parallel in her motherii½s own account of what happened when her husband left home one day, never to return. A family and a court must confront a devastating event that occurred in the midst of the hard times of last century. This fast-paced, page-turning novel takes the reader into an absorbing and moving world of shadowy relationships and intrigue.Outside it looked like early morning because of the grey pearly light, but that was due to the mist floating and trailing over the ... Nanny simply climbed into the front seat of Gusa#39;s van, which was growling and trembling as the engine warmed up for the drive to the station. ... on Vivvie to do, and also to check that he knew about putting the milk out, what time the truck came, all the time trying to keep my mindanbsp;...

Title:Kissing Shadows
Publisher:Huia Publishers - 2005-11-01


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