Kitchen Witchery

Kitchen Witchery

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Psychic Soap: 4 parts Lemongrass + 3 parts Bay + 1 part Cinnamon Come and See Me Oil 5 drops Patchouli oil + 2 drops Cinnamon oil + Olive oil base. Over the years, Wiccan High Priestess Marilyn Daniel has collected hundreds of recipes for her craft. Responding to repeated requests for her secrets, she has compiled them here for the first time in this comprehensive reference of more than 400 magical tips and recipes - covering everything from beauty treatments to healing salves to tasty treats. In addition to advice for buying, storing, and blending essential oils (always stir clockwise), Marilyn reveals her secrets for making incense, bath salts, soaps, ointments, potpourri, ink, and more. Readers will learn how to make a Tuberose Bouquet for attracting love and Air Oil for clear thinking and overcoming addiction, as well as how to incorporate their pets into spellcraft. Kitchen Witchery includes a wide variety of cookies, breads, wines, and other magical foods, and Marilyn serves up her famous recipes for goodies like Sabbat Cakes and Wiccan Handfasting Cake, and drinks such as Nettle Ale and the Milk of Isis. And should a witch find herself in the middle of a recipe with a missing ingredient, she can find a worthy substitute in the extensive list provided. Kitchen Witchery also includes a helpful reference list of magical correspondences and a glossary of herbs and their folk names.The process of tincturing is fairly fast and easy, and creates wonderful products that can be used in much the same way as oils in magic. Only ethyl alcohol a€” also known as ethanol, grain alcohol and Everclear a€” can be used to make magical tinctures. ... 1 have personally found that adding a little water to the dried herbs and letting them set for a couple of hours before you add the alcohol helps toanbsp;...

Title:Kitchen Witchery
Author:Marilyn F Daniel
Publisher:Weiser Books - 2002-05-01


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