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A curated collection of famed motorsports photographer Louis Klemantaskia€™s greatest images. For motorsports enthusiasts, the next best thing to attending a race in person is the opportunity to live it vicariously through high-quality photography. As with all sports photography, there are images that simply document the event and then there are those much rarer images that truly capture the heart and soul of what it was like to be there. The latter are the photos that fans turn to again and again, marveling at the moments caught in time and imagining what it must have been like to experience those events firsthand. Louis Klemantaski is widely acknowledged as one of historya€™s greatest motorsports photographers for the immediacy and context his images bring to life. He worked during what is often considered racinga€™s golden era, the period from the end of WWII through the early 1970s when the sport was still the embodiment of passion and daringa€”the years before huge budgets and massive sponsorship would forever change its tenor. Klemantaski inserted himself in the action to the greatest degree possible, whether that meant standing just off-course in a corner, roaming the pits and infield, or riding shotgun in Mille Miglia race cars. In the process, he caught some of the most iconic images in motorsports. He focused on road racing, Grand Prix, and F1 competition in his shooting from 1936 to 1974. Klemantaski: Master Motorsports Photographer is a celebration of this great lensmana€™s entire career. Three hundred of his best images can be found in this single book, giving motorsport fans their first-ever opportunity to own and enjoy his complete collection in a single volume.This was provided by Sam Clutton, who had bought Klemantaskia#39;s old V12 Delage and managed the properties of the Church Commissioners. ... car powered by a new W. O. Bentley-designed 6 cylinder engine, but the costs involved forced Good to sell Lagonda. ... Klemantaski was transferred to Aston Martin Lagonda along with John Speed. ... In his autobiography Klem noted that, a€œI cannot imagine what could have prevented me from covering such an historic event, but miss it I did.

Author:Paul Parker, Klemantaski Collection
Publisher:Motorbooks International - 2015-01-06


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