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Grandmaa€™ oatmeal porridge was and is the best breakfast for keeping one feeling pleasantly full and charged with go-power. A bowl of love. Few foods equal oats for dietary benefit. Even fewer sit so comfortably in the stomach or are as inexpensive. The market for oats is swinging from horse and cattle feed to human food with good reason. Their role in nutrition and prevention or treatment of disease is expanding as science documents wonder-working applications for the control of Type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, skin disorders, intestinal problems, and learning and behavioral disorders. Enough tests of oats health benefits are completed and the votes are in. Oats have definitely earned their way onto every health-conscious persona€™s breakfast table. This book examines oats from every anglea€”history, production, distribution, marketing, but especially its effect on the various organs of the human body in preventing or ameliorating disease. A selection of recipes using oats is included. It is recommended to anyone interested in oats, health or nutrition. Robert W. Glein M.D. FAAFP Much of this valuable information has been forgotten over the past decades. Know Your Oats renews attention to the simple yet far-reaching health benefits of oats (oatmeal), particularly for maintaining a healthy gut. K.S.V. Malkoc, MSRD (Dietician) A clear statement of how improper diet links with childrena€™s achievement and behavior issues. This books will have parents inspecting schoolsa€™ lunch and vending machine offerings. Ralph Almond, Public School Intervention Specialist, ret.per day should do the job. But how much oatmeal might a person need to reduce, say a total cholesterol reading of265 mg/dL35 to a safe level?To deliver three grams of beta glucan one must consume onecup of cooked oat bran, 1.5anbsp;...

Author:Robert Graef
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-04-17


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