Knowledge Bank - A Collection of Awesomeness for Web Artists

Knowledge Bank - A Collection of Awesomeness for Web Artists

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Web design and development can be a little daunting at first. All languages, methodologies, standards, frameworks, strategies, and so forth are all ever changing. To stay updated and knowledgeable about the ever changing world of web development, you need a steady stream of up-to-date material. There is tons of material available on World Wide Web produced by many awesome coders and designers but sometimes it may be daunting to find the information you are looking for. In this free eBook, we have collected and categorized useful tutorials, insightful articles, creative inspiration, and free resources for web artists. This eBook covers the following: * Useful and creative tools * Responsive design knowledge base * Free eBook and resources * JavaScript, CSS, and PHP frameworks * Insightful articles and tutorials on web design/development, social media, and SEO * Freebies that you can use in workflow * Themes and templates We will regularly update the eBook with new awesome content therefore download this free eBook atleast once every week. Here's the current TOC: * Free eBooks * Tools of the Trade -- Bootstrap Editors -- CSS Animation Tools -- 3D in CSS -- CSS Time Function Tools -- CSS Tooltips -- CSS Progress Bars -- CSS Sliders -- SVG Tools -- Image Manipulation Tools -- Color Tools -- Fonts Tools -- jQuery Tools -- Wireframing Tools -- Project Management Tools -- File Management Tools -- Photoshop Extensions -- JavaScript -- Facebook -- Misc * Web Design -- SVG -- Tips a Tricks -- HTML5 Games -- JavaScript -- Web Applications -- Misc * Responsive Design -- Web Design -- Responsive Images * CSS * Python * Ruby * InDesign * Photoshop -- Photo Effects -- Photo Editing -- Special Effects -- Web -- 3D -- Text Effects -- Misc * JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks -- Angular.js -- Vue.js -- vanilla.js -- gradStop.js * PHP Frameworks -- Laravel * Wordpress * Drupal * Visual Studio -- Cordova * CSS Frameworks -- Bootstrap * Infographics * Themes and Templates -- Bootstrap * Social Media -- Mobile Advertising -- Marketing -- Misc * SEO * Freebies -- Textures -- Fonts -- JavaScript -- Responsive Grid -- Website MockupsCreate a Newspaper Photo Effect aamp; Custom Headline: watch?v=Vu_ zCfAqnfo How to Makea Comic Book ... Lens Correction in Photoshop: Pixel Explosion Effect: Howto ... Web How to: Make GIF Banners: Create an Animated Interface GIF:anbsp;...

Title:Knowledge Bank - A Collection of Awesomeness for Web Artists
Author:Team HTMLeceous
Publisher:Team Htmleceous - 2015-09-15


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