Kontakt, Migration und Kunstsprachen

Kontakt, Migration und Kunstsprachen

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After the publication of the volumes on the relationship between Latin and Romance and historical comparative grammar of the Romance languages (Vol. II, 1), and on the individual Romance languages from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance (Vol. II, 2) and from the Renaissance to the present day (Vols. III, IV, V, 1 and 2, VI, 1 and 2), this new seventh volume of the Lexicon contains some 60 articles on contact, migration and artificial languages, as well as on contrastivity, classification and typology. In the next few years the publication of the Lexicon is to be rounded off with the publication of an introductory volume on the history of Romance studies as an academic discipline and on methodology (Vols. I, 1 and 2), and the indexes and general bibliography (Vol. VIII).1995. Dolomitenladinisch Belardi, Walter, Storia sociolinguistiea della lingua ladina, Roma/Corvara/Selva, UniversitAn AlLa Sapienzaagt;agt;l ... Ines/Nesi, Annalisa, La Sardegna e la Corsica, Torino, UTET. ... Manual de dialectologAsa hispAinica.

Title:Kontakt, Migration und Kunstsprachen
Author:Günter Holtus
Publisher:Walter de Gruyter - 1998-01-01


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