Kutze, Stepp'n on Wheat

Kutze, Stepp'n on Wheat

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Alone on a midsummer night, Cat wakes to find a stranger dressed in yellow a€˜rat-a-tap, tappinga€™ his feet. Captivated by the music of Kutzea€™s steps, Cat resolves to travel abroad and tread wheat alongside this stranger when he becomes an adult. But first, Cat must grow up in the small port town where he lives with his timpanist grandfather and a father obsessed with an unsolved mathematical proof, and which, as part of the series of increasingly surreal events that characterize his life, Cat rescues from a plague of rats by his curious ability to imitate catsa€™ yowls. The a€˜rat-a-tap, tapa€™ of Kutzea€™s step echoes through Cata€™s life as he matures, moves away from the town to become a musician in the big city and, eventually, journeys further afield, across the sea.It was like he was avoiding Dad, and now that I think about it, I dona#39;t remember a single occasion when Dad went to any of the banda#39;s contests, ... One day, the caretaker came up to me and said, a€œCat, do you know what your Grandpa is? ... The caretaker had been in Warehouse #2 the night Grandpa banged on the door.

Title:Kutze, Stepp'n on Wheat
Author:Shinji Ishii
Publisher:Thames River Press - 2014-06-30


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