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An ancient breed from the Middle East region, the Kuvasz is hailed as one of Hungarya€™s fearless and courageous flock-guardian dogs. His large, muscular frame is enrobed in a solid white, full, luxuriant coat. This powerful sheepdog cannot be excelled as a guard; hea€™s a self-motivated, thinking dog who lives to protect his family. His innate desire to guard his herd extends to his family, and hea€™s particularly fond and protective of children. Author Nikki Moustaki has compiled a comprehensive and useful guide in this Special Limited Edition dedicated to the Kuvasz, covering the breeda€™s origins, characteristics, the breed standard, showing and more. Guest authors and top breeders, Connie Townsend and Bea Page have provided an extensive look at the breeda€™s history in the United States, highlighting the important dogs and breeders responsible for the breeda€™s progress here. This full-color volume also discusses topics such as selection of a puppy, rearing the puppy, house-training and obedience lessons. Keeping in mind the Kuvasza€™s unique temperament and high sensitivity to praise and blame, the author instructs owners about the advantages of positive reinforcement in training the breed. As strong-willed and independent as the Kuvasz is, he is still a quick learner given the proper training. General maintenance, including feeding, grooming and exercise, is carefully considered, as is the preventive healthcare of the breed, capably handled by Dr. Lowell Ackerman, covering parasite control, vaccinations, infectious diseases, spay/neuter and much more.Wiping around the eyes with cotton and a specially made cleansing solution will remove tear stains from your ... Look in your doga#39;s ears regularly to ensure that they look pink, clean and otherwise healthy, and check for a yeasty or foul odor.

Author:Nikki Moustaki
Publisher:i5 Publishing - 2012-08-28


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