La Famiglia Bianco

La Famiglia Bianco

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qThis is the story of Joey Bianco, a bastard child brought into this world February 1943 by Sarifino Fucelli an eighteen year old unmarried Sicilian girl. Rose and Joe Fucelli her parents are proud Sicilians suffering the stigma, embarrassment, and humiliation their daughter visited on their family. Sarifino had the misfortune of bearing Joseph Joey Boy Carluchi son. Joey Boy is a married man with children he is also the brutal under boss of his father in-laws powerful Mafia Family. Sarifino is suffering severe abdominal pain after giving birth; Rose found her the following morning in a pool of blood dead. The neighborhood gossip accused Joey Boy of being the father he vehemently denied it. Absent love, compassion, or concern for the well being of his offspring he decided to remove the evidence. He sent his son to an orphanage in Washington DC thinking that will stop the gossip and calm his wife down. This story chronicles the anthology of Joey Bianco. Due to his indomitable spirit and tenacity he managed to overcome a Catholic orphanage and a snake pit the State calls an orphanage. Surviving brutal inhumane totatalarian treatment received in countless foster homes, told every day of his life he is not wanted, worthless, stupid, and will never amount to anything. He ran away at an early age embracing the street, his only options survive or die. He chose his destiny with a single minded purpose relentlessly perusing that destiny allowing nothing to stand in his way making no apologies for the path he chose. Apollo DanteqHowever, what I will do is help you start your own cement business independent of your father, which you should ... He inquired if my company would bid on pouring thirty swimming pool decks for his company. ... to pour their current decks and repair any code violations on the previous decks, they cana#39;t deliver the pools.

Title:La Famiglia Bianco
Author:Apollo Dante
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-01-06


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