Laboratory Manual on Plant Pathology

Laboratory Manual on Plant Pathology

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The father of modern plant pathology, Anton de bary (1831-1888) revealed first time that fungi are responsible for plant diseases. Later in systematic studies, several biotic and abiotic factors have been identified that affect the normal physiological processes of plant at various critical stages. The study of living and nonliving plant pathogens has always been a unique experience of exposure to the microbial world. Under standing of young student for deeper involvement of this fascinating science require patient learning and teaching process. Keep these understandings; the manual on plant pathogens and principles of plant pathology has been prepared for the young students, especially from agriculture, microbiology, botany and applied plant and bio-sciences, as per the course curriculum. The manual provides the opportunity to a young person to enter in the field with systematic understanding with joy and curiosity, which has never been considered before. The manual contains 13 chapters with a basic preamble with all about plant diseases, causes, nature, kinds, types, biotic causes, impact of pathogens and economically important pathogens. It provides a basic concept and picture in the mindset of young student about the lab equipments, microscope, staining of microbes, cultivation, collection and preservation, about chemicals that kills the fungi and biocontrol approach, apart from the rules and precautions to be taken in the lab. The manual is also appended with explanation of some technical terms that often used in the subject. We recommend this book for all the youngsters in plant pathology, biology, botany, microbiology, plant science which has been presented in a simple manner that is easy to understand.Objective To understand the principle, type and method of stain with appropriate mechanism that facilitate the microorganism more visible, understandable that facilitate easy recognition and identification. Living microorganisms (fungi, bacteriaanbsp;...

Title:Laboratory Manual on Plant Pathology
Author:Usha Bhale, Madhuri Mishra
Publisher:Satish Serial Publishing House - 2015-04-15


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