Lady Gaga: A Biography

Lady Gaga: A Biography

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Lady Gaga: A Biography details Lady Gaga's life from birth to 2011. Readers will learn about her personal backgrounda€”where she was born, who her parents were, what her early school years as a qweird girlq with qrabbit teethq were likea€”as well as her pre-fame years where she gained an education in music and qpaid her duesq as a small-time professional in small performance venues. The many milestones of her wildly successful career so far are documented in detail, as are Haus of Gaga, the artistic collective that supports her performances; her ongoing activities as a performer; her presentation in couture and accessories; and her stated intentions for the future. This book will be an engrossing read for fans of Lady Gaga as well as anyone interested in popular culture or the entertainment industry. Its inclusion of chapter endnotes containing quotations and controversial points along with a bibliography of print and electronic resources make it an authoritative research tool for students as well.a€œIa#39;m not super flashy in the way I dress . . . and I dona#39;t usually wear costumes on, say, any old Wednesday. But I would totally rock these sunglasses, and I would rock them hard, because I live in L.A., a€36 she states, speaking of a pair of round, brown lenses with bronze frames. ... a€œMaybe Gaga just never turns off or maybe shea#39;s trying to get some extra wear out of a reliably excel- lent Halloween costume.

Title:Lady Gaga: A Biography
Author:Paula Johanson
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2012-02-22


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