Lake and Sea Monsters

Lake and Sea Monsters

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Sporting fins, scales, and sometimes horns or fur, a riot of unidentifiable water creatures have poked their dripping heads above the waves throughout recorded history to shock grizzled sailors and hardy fisherfolk alike. But survivors of water monster encounters are usually left as puzzled as they are terrified, questioning the origins and elusiveness of the creatures. Most people can describe what a typical sea monster looks like, yet no museum boasts a skeleton or even an irrefutable photograph-of a sea serpent or the legendary Loch Ness Monster. Lake and Sea Monsters thoroughly explores humanity's fascination with Nessie, sea serpents, and all the other wet wonders of the world, separating fact from fiction by examining ancient legends and myths, contemporary eyewitness stories, and the latest scientific discoveries. Chapters include: Swimming Through Time: Birth of the Sea MonsterMerfolk and Other Scaly HumanoidsKraken, Giant Squids, and Octopuses Nessie: Scotland's Sea Monster SuperstarMistake or Fake: Natural Creatures and HoaxesOctopuses, or octopods (the scientific community prefers Unlike octopuses or other squid, the vampire squid has no ink sac. But it does sport rows of sharp, tooth-like needles along the sides of its arms. The little cephalopod is also very speedyanbsp;...

Title:Lake and Sea Monsters
Author:Linda S. Godfrey
Publisher:Infobase Publishing - 2009-01-01


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