Land Hermit Crabs

Land Hermit Crabs

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Crabbers should grab Philippe de Vosjoli manual on land hermit crabs for expert advice on keeping this popular and colorful invertebrate thriving in its vivarium! The popularity of hermit crabs is undeniable, as the author states in his introduction, a€œTheir droll appearances and interesting behaviors have made them appealing to both children and adults looking for an affordable, low maintenance, and undemanding pet.a€ Land Hermit Crabs seeks to inform dedicated hobbyists and casual crabbers alike about the requirementsa€”minimal though specifica€”of land hermit crabs to keep their pets alive and healthy. Due to the low cost of hermit crabs, too many keepers carelessly allow their pets to die unnecessarily. The author says that the a€œhigh mortality of captive hermit crabs is [due to] the failure [of keepers] to provide a proper environment.a€ This Advanced Vivarium Systems title provides detailed information on the selection of a health crab, housing, water and feeding requirements, molting, breeding, behavior, and health and other husbandry-related problems. Crab enthusiasts will also be interested to read about other crabs for freshwater aquaria in the final chapter, with photos of and information about fiddler crabs, red-clawed freshwater crabs, coconut crabs, and land crabs. Resources and index included.Do not keep crabs in areas where such sprays are used. Parasites In the wild, hermit crabs are parasitized by flies and mites. In captivity, mites ... Generally any infestation of mites will require procedures to prevent their spread and reinfection .

Title:Land Hermit Crabs
Author:Philippe De Vosjoli
Publisher:i5 Publishing - 2012-07-31


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