Land of the Bear

Land of the Bear

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This fascinating book relates all the excitement, mystery, danger, and adventure of living and traveling in Siberia. It all started back in 1991, when I received an invitation via the Gorbachev government, in conjunction with a mining company working with the Soviet Union, to visit, write about, photograph, and film what the country had to offer American tourists and hunters. This was the era of qGlasnostq and qPerestroika.q Gorbachev wanted American tourists to bolster the sagging economy. That first expedition led to 22 years of traveling back and forth to the former Soviet Union a€“ now Russia a€“ where I hung out with the KGB, met numerous dignitaries, and lived in tents and trappersa€™ cabins in Siberia with the natives. We were attacked by bears, wild boars, and moose! Among those traveling with me were Apollo Astronaut Jim McDivitt, who was stalked by a Russian bear, and a four-star air force general, Earl Oa€™Loughlin, who previously flew spy plane missions over the former Soviet Union. This made for a very interesting confrontation with the KGB. During my time in Siberia, I got to know many of the native people, who relayed numerous sad and harrowing stories of encounters with giant bears. The book is jam-packed with historical perspective of what was happening at this time in Russia, including how the people lived, worked, survived, and what they thought of Americans. While framed by hunting, this book is as much about the people and the culture of Siberia.I flew RB47 spy plane missions over Russia back in the a#39;50s. Remember Gary Powers, the guy that got shot down by the Russians in 1960? Thata#39;s what I did. He was shot down in a U2 spy plane. The U2 is the plane that replaced the RB47 .

Title:Land of the Bear
Author:Denny Geurink
Publisher:Publish on Demand Global - 2014-01-01


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