Language and Power in the Modern World

Language and Power in the Modern World

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This book explores key areas of modern society in which language is used to form power and social relations. These are presented in five sections:Language and the MediaLanguage and OrganisationsLanguage and GenderLanguage and YouthMultilingualism, Identity and EthnicityWith a unique combination of selected readings and student-centred tasks in a single volume, the book covers contemporary issues in language and power, ranging from the global to the interpersonal. Each area - and each reading chosen to explore it - is substantially contextualised and discussed through a detailed introduction and then followed up with related activities.Each section comprises:*a substantial, specific introduction which draws studentsa€™ attention to key themes and issues relevant to its topic; *a set of four or five selected readings which encourages students to locate critically these issues in context; *a task, or set of tasks, obliging students to undertake a€˜hands-ona€™ linguistic analysis of data and engage in more sophisticated discussion of pertinent issues.*In-depth exploration of a variety of approaches to the study of language and power*Unique combination of advanced readings, student-centred tasks and editorial guidance*Hands-on activities at the end of each chapterThis study examined the promotional techniques of the a#39;skincare companya#39; Mary Kay Cosmetics, and showed how the training and ... Eliasoph explains how: Mary Kay teaches her saleswomen to use a#39;warm chattera#39; to sell their products to a#39;casual a#39; groups of a#39;friendsa#39; . ... out: Employeesa#39; behaviour is regulated by instructions to perform all communicative 88 LANGUAGE AND POWER IN THE MODERNanbsp;...

Title:Language and Power in the Modern World
Author:Mary M. Talbot, Dr. Karen Atkinson, David Atkinson
Publisher:Edinburgh University Press - 2003


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