Last Hope

Last Hope

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In the explosive new Hitman novel from the bestselling authors of Last Kiss and Last Hit a jungle mercenary and a female target find love on the run... Mendoza: I grew up in the slums and lost everything I loved to poverty, illness, and death. I had only one skill to leverage myself out of my circumstancesa€”violence. Being hired out as a mercenary hitman brought me money and built an empire. But all that I've fought for is in jeopardy. My next job: Steal secret information that could bring down world governments. Find my target. Destroy it. But then, I meet her. Ava: Karma hates me. When my best friend Rose is kidnapped, I have no choice but to take a job as a mule for a pair of criminals intent on selling top-secret information to the highest bidder. I should have known that bad luck tends to cling, because the plane I'm on goes down. That I survived a crash-landing was a miracle. And so was being rescued by Rafe Mendozaa€”hot, sexy, dangerous. The thing is, he wants the information that I need to free Rose. I can't let him have it, but I need his help. And I need to fight this crazy attraction for this mercenary with hungry eyes. Rose is depending on me, and I won't let her down, no matter how appealing Rafe is. From the Trade Paperback edition.I should be thinking about what to say when they answer the door, but all I can think about is Rafea#39;s mouth. ... I know hea#39;s aching over Garciaa#39;s death, but how can he blow me off right now? Was what I ... My mind goes blank and I scramble through a bunch of high school Spanish, looking for the right word for a€œ housekeeping.

Title:Last Hope
Author:Jessica Clare, Jen Frederick
Publisher:Penguin - 2015-09-29


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