Last Words from Death Row

Last Words from Death Row

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Norma Herrera lived her brother's personal hell as he waited on Death Row for the courts to decide if the new evidence that proved Leonel Herrera's innocence would save his life. Her book fulfills her last promise to Leo: to tell his story, to tell the truth. qFederal habeas courts do not sit to correct errors of fact but to ensure the individuals are not imprisoned in violation of the Constitution, q it said. In other words, being falsely imprisoned is not a violation of your rights. Herrera was executed four months after the ruling. In his final statement he said: qI am innocent, innocent, innocent. I am an innocent man, and something very wrong is taking place tonight.q Norma Herrera's book documents court events and press coverage. She recounts the tribulations she and her family suffered as they worked to free Leonel Herrera from his fate. If the all the court proceedings, including the Supreme Court's decision prior to Leo's execution represent the visible tip of the death penalty iceberg, LAST WORDS FROM DEATH ROW exposes the enormous human tragedy that resides below the surface. Her questions drive a powerful wedge between the legal process in capital cases and the truth. Why do the guilty go unpunished? When is innocence not enough to free a convicted man? Does Truth not prevail in the American Justice system? Who pays? We all do. Who is next?Recalling I was the last one in the family to have the gratification of holding Leo the night he received the death ... I felt guilt of depriving that that from my mother, if anyone deserved his embrace, it was our mother, for her heart was breaking, and I now could not do any more for either ... I now recall hearing a sigh, exertion from Maria as I wrapped my long, thin arms around Mariaa#39;s small but chubby frame.

Title:Last Words from Death Row
Author:Norma Herrera
Publisher:Nightengale Press - 2007-01-01


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