Lateral Transfer

Lateral Transfer

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When John a€˜Smittya€™ Smith is called into the office and given his official notice of dismissal from government employment, he is offered another position. In an effort to keep working long enough to vest his pension with the government, John accepts a transfer. He is not told what his new assignment will entail, but he is told it is a a€˜lateral transfera€™. He then finds himself sent to a secret facility in the Southwest, very close to the border of Mexico. John, the paper-pushing office worker, is put in a situation where he is shooting it out with Mexican drug lords. He is put in charge of a team that includes a dope smoking Marine vet who has an anti-authority attitude. When John and his small team are not chaperoning military contractors testing weapons to sell to the government, they are expected to do their best to keep the bad guys off the government property and away from the secret facility.Why move at a slow pace with pack animals when you can drive a truck 25 or 30 miles per hour? Not long after ... They did not have a lot of experience being on the trail and did not listen to his advice. They considered ... The gunmen made too much noise. Two rode at the ... The animals had been watered, rested and fed. The cartels must ... He was not in a race to get where he was going. He was notanbsp;...

Title:Lateral Transfer
Author:Steven Kampen
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-04-01


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