Lattice Fermions and Structure of the Vacuum

Lattice Fermions and Structure of the Vacuum

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Among the key problems in modern field theory are the formulation of chiral group theories on the lattice and the quantitative understanding of the quark confinement mechanism. The two topics are closely related by the fact that the chiral nature of the fermions as well as the confinement force are largely topological in origin. Recent advances in this field are here reviewed by some of the world's experts.The other lines mark the deviations seen in scenario 2. 110 100 00 ... Rev., D59: 014509, 1999. 3. R. C. Brower, T. Ivanenko, A. R. Levi, and K. N. Orginos. Chronological inversion method for the Dirac matrix in hybrid Monte Carlo. Nucl. Phys.

Title:Lattice Fermions and Structure of the Vacuum
Author:Valya Mitrjushkin, Gerrit Schierholz
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2000-06-30


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