Leadership in Education

Leadership in Education

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With new coauthor Leslie Gonzales, Russ Marion maintains the tradition of well-balanced, well-researched, and lively discussions of classic and contemporary leadership theories and their applications. The extensively revised Second Edition adds coverage of leader-member exchange theory, sensemaking, group conflict, and critical race and critical feminist perspectives, as well as a fuller treatment of transformational leadership. The authors begin with a brief look at the pros and cons of general entity- and collectivist-based approaches to leadership, reflecting key debates in the leadership literature. Next, readers encounter the history and applications of specific entity-based theories, followed by a discussion of conflict theory, which provides an apt transition to the exploration of collectivist ideas. The book finishes with coverage of critical theory, institutionalism, and population ecologytheories that focus more on the organizational context for leadership than on leadership styles. Throughout this updated edition, the authors use metaphors and real-world examples from inside and outside educational contexts. Numerous figures, case studies, roundtable discussions, group activities, and reflective exercises engage readers and accelerate learning. Link Forward and Link Back sections reference upcoming or previous chapters to show that theories are dynamic. Leadership in Education, Second Edition, raises the bar for understanding and reinforcing practical applications of various theories in settings and situations that school administrators are likely to encounter.This means that we find a solution that will take care of the situation from a set of solutions to which we have fairly ready access. ... Satisficing is sufficient because of bounded rationality, referring to the limited knowledge, time, and resourcesanbsp;...

Title:Leadership in Education
Author:Russ Marion, Leslie D. Gonzales
Publisher:Waveland Press - 2013-06-12


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