Leading-edge Educational Technology

Leading-edge Educational Technology

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This new book focuses on the that latest research gains in the field of educational technology which is a creative blending of 'idea' and 'product' technologies with subject-matter content in order to engender and improve teaching and learning processes. Educational technology is often associated with the terms instructional technology or learning technology. 'Product' technologies are tangible; for example, computer hardware or software. 'Idea' technologies are cognitive frameworks or schemes; for example, the Multiple Intelligence Theory proposed by Howard Gardner. When products are thoughtfully blended with subject matter content (such as mathematics or science concepts) for a specific audience in a specific educational context (such as a school), one is using 'educational technology'. The words educational and technology in the term educational technology have the general meaning. Educational technology is not restricted to the education of children, nor to the use of high technology.Mackinnon, G. R. (2006). Contentious issues in science education: Building critical-thinking patterns through two-dimensional concept mapping. Journal of ... Teaching style, philosophical orientation and the transmission of critical thinking skills in the U.S. public schools. Korean ... Ram, P., Ram, A. aamp; Sprague, C. (2004) .

Title:Leading-edge Educational Technology
Author:Thomas B. Scott, James I. Livingston
Publisher:Nova Publishers - 2008


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