Learn How to Airbrush Aquatic Animals for the Beginner

Learn How to Airbrush Aquatic Animals for the Beginner

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Table of Contents Introduction: Materials: Colors Terms Airbrush and its Mechanism Maintenance and Troubleshooting Basic Airbrush Exercises: Airbrush Exercises: Humpback Whale Red Cap Oranda Goldfishes Dolphin Whale Shark Leafy Seadragon Author Bio Publisher Introduction: Thanks for purchasing this eBook, as you show a genuine interest in the world of Airbrushing a€œAquatic Animalsa€. Back when I was learning to draw aquatic animals, I liked watching the wonderful scene inside the aquarium, of my peta€œGoldfisha€. At first I was amazed at the features and colors, but when I kept seeing more details as it moved, an idea struck inside my head. I thought about adding some colors to my drawing. I kept the drawing for a while, since Ia€™m still learning to paint in acrylic, and after a few months of browsing some of my files, I saw my drawing again. I decided to paint it in colors with acrylic using an airbrush, since by that time I already knew how to use an airbrush. I painted it with a very satisfied result, and later on I saw it hung on the wall of my best friend house. I was so glad! Ia€™m not encouraging you to give away your masterpiece, rather the point Ia€™m making is that with your airbrush, you can make limitless fantastic art. If only you could imagine this toola€™s greatness with its capabilities. So, I made this eBook for you to learn the basics of airbrushing that every beginner needs to know and practice to master it. I made this book also, for an airbrush artist who wants to learn to paint aquatic creatures. We will be using some other materials to complete our artwork like; Watercolor pencils, masking film or other masking materials that are available, and many more. First, you have to invest a little by getting a good airbrush and a reliable air compressor for you to start painting. I also included all the materials needed for our work, and Ia€™m sure they are available at any art store. Make some time to read and practice all the exercises in this eBook, and in no time you will be a great airbrush artist in painting Aquatic Animals. Remember to have fun when spraying with your airbrush!Masking Film or Frisket Acetate Film/Tracing Paper/Cardboard Aside from Masking Film you can also use these for masking: ... Paper C. Cardboard Single Hole Puncher This is used to make a hole for our movable Paper or Cardboard mask, anbsp;...

Title:Learn How to Airbrush Aquatic Animals for the Beginner
Author:Paolo Lopez de Leon, John Davidson
Publisher:Mendon Cottage Books - 2015-02-17


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