Learn How To Quilt - Preserving The Quilting Tradition

Learn How To Quilt - Preserving The Quilting Tradition

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Quilting is a fascinating and very rewarding hobby. Learn more about this ancient craft, which has been practiced for centuries, and discover that it is not as complicated as it seems. You will soon learn the basic steps to make your first quilt and will then be able to progress to designing your own unique patterns, using various decorative applications. Information on how to choose the best quilting materials like fabric, thread, fillers and tools will all help you to make quilts, which will become precious heirlooms in your family. You will also discover how easy it is to make quilts from used clothing and linen.When people ask me how to make a quilt, I always tell them that there is more than one way to go about it. It depends what kind of quilt you want. My favorite ones, especially for beginners, are patchwork quilts. If you want to know how to makeanbsp;...

Title:Learn How To Quilt - Preserving The Quilting Tradition
Author:Mabel Dawn Van Niekerk
Publisher:Mabel Dawn Van Niekerk - 2013-12-01


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