Learn Web Design with HTML Examples and Screen Shots

Learn Web Design with HTML Examples and Screen Shots

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WARNING: Don't buy this book if you know you are not interested in programming. It was developed for webmasters and those who want to learn how to develop a website on their own. This handbook contains many selected examples and screen shots- to help you preview your work before trying out the codes. You would certainly get to know all you need to know about HTML just reading this book. This book is a must-read for everyone who want to create a website or learn web design. It is ideal for every reader- young or old, male or female, amateur or experienced. We give you examples in every case and provide you screen shots so you see for yourself, how the code would look on a web browser. So, If you are new to web design, this book is just for you. It has been carefully arranged to meet your needs. Step by step, we teach you everything from html1.0 to html4. I was inspired to write this book after doing online web design training. Many of my blog readers often amazed me with the wonderful comments. I am glad to help you solve your basic challenge- by putting my ideas now into digital and print formats. We have other programming books too on PHP, MySQL and jQuery. We also maintain an online blog where you could ask questions and study tutorials on PHP, MySQL, CSS, XML and jQuery. You can visit this blog or reach me anyday through the contact information inside this book. For now, i wish you a happy reading...Form elements are things that allow the user to enter information. Example of form elements are: text fields, textarea fields, drop-down menus, radio buttons and checkboxes. A form is defined using the alt;formagt; tag. alt;formagt; ...input elements.

Title:Learn Web Design with HTML Examples and Screen Shots
Author:Desmond Ohwofosirai, Ohwofosirai Desmond
Publisher:Ohwofosirai Desmond - 2013-03-02


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