Learning by Choice in Secondary Physical Education

Learning by Choice in Secondary Physical Education

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Do your high school students get excited when it's time for physical education class? Do they cooperate ... participate ... perform with little direction? You can stop laughing, because now there's help for you to develop individualized physical education programs so motivating, every student will get hooked on exercisea€”even the couch potatoes. In Learning by Choice in Secondary Physical Education: Creating a Goal-Directed Program, Kevin Kaardal describes an innovative, step-by-step program that he developed and perfected while teaching physical education for many years at the middle and high school levels. Teachers love it because it reduces downtime, increases involvement, and makes teaching more enjoyable. Kids love it, tooa€”90 percent of those surveyed anonymously gave it their overwhelming approval. Imagine classes where students select their activities, organize themselves, plan personal objectives, follow through, and stay on coursea€”with little direction from the teacher. The author shows you how a€œfacilitatinga€ rather than a€œteachinga€ classes will help you achieve better results. Your job will be easier and students will learn important lessons in goal setting and responsibility. In this practitioner's guide, you'll also find valuable information on building individualized programs that ensure students learn appropriate skills, progress at their own ratea€”and succeed. Part Oneexplains in simple terms how the program works, and details curriculum, teaching, and assessment techniques. Part Twoprovides the materials to develop your own program, including ready-to-use units that contain master curriculum sheets, contracts or student progress record sheets, student planning sheets, suggested modified games, and assessment tools. The book also features the following items: - 123 reproducibles - A complete set of reproducibles for creating and running a basketball unit and 30 task card posters with examples of how to create your own posters - Sample reproducibles for six other sports - How-tos for creating a complete curriculum for any sport, including unit overviews, handouts, and assessment forms This book should be in the library of every physical education teachera€”whether you're just starting out or you're experienced and feeling a little frustrated and burned out. It's a wellspring of sure-fire ideas and techniques to make physical education so fun and rewarding for students, they'll enjoy exercise for the rest of their lives.... introverted students 37 J journaling 74-75 K Kozak, Wally 65-66 L leadership unit requirements 18 learning activities, ... 86 leadership calendar 85 rubric chart, journal 82 self-evaluation, student 87 skill, drill, and assessment poster 89 unitanbsp;...

Title:Learning by Choice in Secondary Physical Education
Author:Kevin Kaardal
Publisher:Human Kinetics - 2001


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