Learning To Love When You Don't Feel Like It

Learning To Love When You Don't Feel Like It

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Do these words sound familiar? qI'm tired of talking to a brick wall.q qI've told you that umpteen times.q qWhy am I always the one to put the kids to bed while you watch TV?q qIf you really loved me, you'd want to be with me.q Each of these phrases is an alarm bell, signaling the end of your marriage may be closer than you think. When Kenny Lewis's wife, Connie, said, qI'm getting so tired of working so hard to keep this marriage together, q he was shocked. He thought he was a great husband. Typical male. Totally clueless. When he asked her to tell him how he'd hurt her, she said, qI've told you before and you haven't listened.q His heart sank. Their marriage was in serious trouble. Desperate, Lewis turned to the New Testament to learn how to love his wife. He discovered the Bible uses sixteen different action words to describe love. Each of the terms challenges our modern concept of love as something you feel under the spell of candlelight and soft music. Instead, the Bible teaches that love is learning to control your response when your mate overdraws the checkbook, or wrecks the car, or when feelings inexplicably grow cold. If you want to learn how to love when you don't feel like it, join the journey of developing a satisfying love that will last. Do the book's love-learning steps work? Lewis not only survived his crisis, twenty-five years later he and Connie are more in love than ever!When facing a tough decision, say something like this: a€œHoney, Iknow Godis going to lead us throughyou. Whatever you decide willbe fine with ... A woman who praises a man can gethim to do almost anything. Although hemay receive praiseanbsp;...

Title:Learning To Love When You Don't Feel Like It
Author:Kenny Lewis
Publisher:Redemption Press - 2014-09-22


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