Leather Hinges

Leather Hinges

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Leather Hinges is a true story of May and Exter Stanforda€™s life in a dug-out home in Oklahoma in 1901. a€œAs May drove the heavy loaded wagon, she smiled at the ridiculous cow and her husbanda€™s patience. Rosie, the milk cow, absolutely would not move unless someone walked with her. Surprisingly, Exter seemed to admire the independent spirit of Rosie. Little five year old Tom was half asleep beside her. The other wagons were wheeling along. This was truly Goda€™s country. We can be really blessed to live in this country. Then May would think, Are the Indians happy with this situation? Not many years past, one could lose his scalp for entering their territory. And even if the Indians are friendly, what about rattlesnakes, wolves, bobcats, coyotes? There doesna€™t seem to be enough trees to build houses. But God has led us into this situation. We will just have to believe that the Indians will share their space with us.His interest in the farm work he was doing suddenly ceased. ... To explain a Claim If a personsname was drawn from a barrel, he wasgivena Conditional Claim, This Person was required to pay $13.00 and live on this property for five years andanbsp;...

Title:Leather Hinges
Author:Nila Braden
Publisher:LifeRich Publishing - 2014-02-05


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