LeBootcamp Diet

LeBootcamp Diet

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THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER! Valerie Orsoni's French diet sensation comes to America! Discover the food and fitness plan that's changed over a million lives...delicious recipes included. DETOX/ATTACK/MAINTENANCE After a lifetime of insane regimens, weight fluctuations, and feeling utterly demoralized, Valerie Orsoni had enough of the diet scene. She wanted a way to shed pounds, become healthy, and keep to the great French tradition of enjoying food--and enjoying life. The result? A groundbreaking diet plan that, to date, has more than one million members in 38 countriesa€”and counting! Orsonia€™s plan, Le Bootcamp, is based on four simple tenets: a€c Gourmet Nutritiona€”A long, healthy life can be achieved while eating tasty, tempting meals and snacks from all food groups. a€c Easy Fitnessa€”A program that will get your heart pumping, your blood flowing, and your muscles moving without having to block hours out of your busy day. a€c Motivationa€”Proven techniques to keep you from getting down and help you stay on track. a€c Stress and Sleep Managementa€”Bringing both the body and mind into harmony to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and even trim down belly fat. Getting fit doesna€™t mean a lifetime of deprivation and misery. With the right tools, any food, activity, and lifestyle can be transformed into a healthy onea€”and Valerie Orsoni can show you how. From the Hardcover edition.External: Our skin can also help us eliminate a large quantity of toxins, thanks to the sweat glands. ... toxic punishment results if you follow a mono diet like the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Pineapple Diet, or the Lemon Juice/Cayenne Pepper Diet.

Title:LeBootcamp Diet
Author:Valerie Orsoni
Publisher:Penguin - 2015-04-14


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