Lectures on the Philosophy of Art

Lectures on the Philosophy of Art

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Hegel's 1823 lectures on philosophy of art were compiled from auditors' transcripts by his student H. G. Hotho, and published in German by Annemarie Gethmann-Siefert with an extensive introductory essay treating many issues pertinent to a proper understanding of Hegel's views on art. She persuasively argues that the evidence shows Hegel never finalized his views on the philosophy of art, but modified them in significant ways from one lecture series to the next. In addition, she makes the case that Hotho's compilation not only concealed this circumstance, by the harmony he created out of diverse source materials, but also imposed some of his own views on aesthetics, views that differ from Hegel's and that the ongoing interpretation of the aesthetics part of Hegel's philosophy has unfortunately taken to be Hegel's own. This new translation makes these important materials available in English, and will enrich the future understanding of Hegel's aesthetics.301 We know the ancient principle governing action: the unity of action, time, and place. ... One must not demand any overly exact sticking-to-reality, yet one must also not violate reality. Unity of the action, ... For Sophocles there is j the Theban cycle. ... The cycle continues with the struggle of the sons, the fate of Antigone, anbsp;...

Title:Lectures on the Philosophy of Art
Author:Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2014-08-07


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