Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde

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Elle Wood, University of Southern California sorority president and sociopolitical jewelry design major, is blonde, spoiled, creative and desperately in love with her college sweetheart, Warner Huntingdon III. But when Warner announces he's off to Stanford Law School, and that while there he aims to find a girl 'more serious' than Elle to be his wife, Elle and Underdog, her pet Bichon Frise, hatch a plan to follow him so that he will marry her like he's supposed to do. Elle's Stanford misadventures are distinctly unpromising from the outset, and it seems that the one place where blondes definitely don't have more fun is law school. But then she's made an intern on the Murder of Malibu case, defending one-time fitness queen and apricot blonde Brooke Vandermark from the charge of murdering her billionaire husband. In a courtroom triumph, Elle vindicates Brooke and all who are blonde at heart with a tip any Cosmo girl should know.Christopher smiled broadly. a#39;I wish Ia#39;d had time to change out of my suit, a#39; he said. a#39; I envy your comfort.a#39; Elle laughed. ... She had spent hours on the phone with sorority sisters, gathering gossip about Brookea#39;s USC days, making notes like a tabloid reporter of reliable, if secondhand, details. ... She had even tracked down Dookie Dean, who was president of Theta when Brooke lived in the sorority house, anbsp;...

Title:Legally Blonde
Author:Amanda Brown
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-02-03


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