Legions Now Quiet, the Civil War Novel

Legions Now Quiet, the Civil War Novel

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Legions Now Quiet: The Civil War Novel chronicles the astounding exploits of a Confederate Cavalry captain as he flees from Sherman's legions as they burn their way through Georgia and South Carolina. The Captain tries desperately to inform General Lee and Jefferson Davis about a secret that only he knows that can win the War for the South. General Sherman finds out about the secret, and sends a company of his bummers to hunt the Captain down before he can notify the Confederate authorities. The Captain has many insightful adventures and meets many colorful characters as he runs from Atlanta to Savannah into South Carolina and north to Columbia. The importance of the secret is revealed during the fierce struggles between the Captain and his tormentors. The story describes the life of the average soldier, both Johnny Reb and Billy Yank. What they ate, their medical care, their weapons, their transportation and their fighting spirit come to life. Take the journey with the Captain. Will the revelation of the secret alter history?Dona#39;t you worry; shea#39;ll be all right.a€ He responded ... He looked at me and continued, a€œIta#39;s them Yankees, Captain. That one with the big knife, ... This place dona#39;t look like much, but before I got sick, we was a doin all right. We had a buggy and aanbsp;...

Title:Legions Now Quiet, the Civil War Novel
Author:Manson Drew Case
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-07


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