Leonardo's Mountain Of Clams

Leonardo's Mountain Of Clams

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Stephen Jay Gould's writing remains the modern standard by which popular science writing is judged. Ever since the last 1970s, his monthly essay in Natural History and his full-length books have bridged the yawning gap between science and the wider culture. This fascinating new collection of essays contains some of Gould's bestw riting on a variety of subjects ranging from Leonardo da Vinci and Martin Luther to fossils and the history of science. As always, these essays brillantly display his gift for colloquial and vivid explanation, and include fascinating oddities from the natural world and the printed word.The age of a fossil shell can often be inferred from growth rings that record astronomical cycles of months or years. ... from modern species), how did they get entombed in strata that now lie within mountains, several thousand feet above current sea level? ... If fossils belong to the mineral kingdom, why should they so often grow in fragments and jumbles looking exactly like piles of shells on our beaches, anbsp;...

Title:Leonardo's Mountain Of Clams
Author:Stephen Jay Gould
Publisher:Random House - 2010-10-31


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