Leopold Blue

Leopold Blue

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A tense and moving South African coming-of-age story about family, friendship and first romance Meg Bergman is fifteen and fed up. She lives in a tiny town in rural 1990s South Africa - a hot-bed of traditionalism, racial tension and (in Meg's eyes) ordinariness. Meg has no friends either, due largely to what the community sees as her mother's interfering attempts to educate farm workers about AIDS. But one day Xanthe arrives - cool, urban, feisty Xanthe, who for some unknown reason seems to want to hang out with Meg. Xanthe arrives into Meg's life like a hurricane, offering her a look at a teenage life she never knew existed. But cracks quickly begin to show in their friendship when Meg's childhood friend Simon returns from his gap year travels. LEOPOLD BLUE is an emotionally taut and beautifully written story from a debut author with a mesmerising voice.She hesitated halfway across the garden, her tall figure uncomfortably straight, and looked around, as if from behind an invisible screen. The longer ... A dikkop[* ] broke into song a€“ its ghostly, mournful whistles confirmed the coming night. I paused on ... But in the last light I could make out the pecanut tree, its spindly, bare branches ... Dad had strung up a chickenwire fence behind it when we were little in a fit of parental diligence, to keep us from wandering off and getting into trouble.

Title:Leopold Blue
Author:Rosie Rowell
Publisher:Hot Key Books - 2014-01-02


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