Lesbian Sex Scandals

Lesbian Sex Scandals

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Lesbian Sex Scandals takes a look at controversies in lesbian communities over sexual practices, identity, and feminist politics. Feminist politics have often been at the heart of lesbian community and identity; yet, the blending of sexual identity and politics has led to contradictions and conflicts within lesbian communities over sexual behavior. Some leading lesbian theorists have articulated a view of lesbian identity that stands on feminist politics, rather than on the desire for sexual relationships with women; others have felt that this approach denies the history of specifically lesbian sexuality. And, while having sex with a woman may not define who is a lesbian, certainly sexual practices have been at the heart of the controversies over who is not a lesbian. Lesbian Sex Scandals will help you understand these conflicts and suggests ways of redefining sexual identity and community. The contributors to Lesbian Sex Scandals address important, real issues of sexual practice and sexual politics. These 14 scholars represent a variety of disciplines, including anthropology, philosophy, English, psychology, theology, performance studies, communications, critical studies, and womena€™s studies. Specifically, they explore debates around: S a M transsexuality Butch/Femme relationships sex with men bisexuality pornography safe sex penetrative sex acts queer theory Lesbian Sex Scandals will help you recognize the importance of embracing the diversity of sexuality, pleasure, and desire as a core value of lesbianism. You will also see how adopting a a€œuniversalizinga€ approach, which emphasizes the importance of sexual freedom across the spectrum of identity, will give lesbians a larger and stronger community base from which to challenge oppression. Visit Dawn Atkin's website at: http://home.earthlink.net/~dawn_atkins/In other words, while they function under the rubric of a pedagogical agenda seeking to advise lesbians on safe sex ... a scene of instruction become a scene of seduction? but rather, When is a scene of instruction not a scene of seduction?

Title:Lesbian Sex Scandals
Author:Dawn Atkins
Publisher:Psychology Press - 1999-01


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